With the explosion of web/internet and more so with clouding permeating all across with wireless access being the norm, security has becoming increasingly important and bigger security threats are looming large. Services are being incapacitated due to hacking and at times are suspected to have support of state agencies. With the advent of Software Defined Networking (SDN), research in computer networking is taking a new dimension. The researchers are committed to the dissemination of knowledge in the core areas of Computer
networks, communication and security.


  • To help students, faculty remain up to date with current trends in network and security.
  • To develop technologies for new products that addresses the real world challenges. The document indicates the focus of the research activities at the Network and Security domain in PES University and profiles the research team, technologies, projects and accomplishments.
  • To encourage collaborative research through working on projects that require expertise in multiple disciplines (such as Cloud computing, Wireless networking, Telecommunications, Data center technologies).


  • Project: HSTS: A remedy of web based MITM attacks?
  • Project: Privacy protection of personal data in public clouds Paper: Zygote: A framework for prototyping Smart Devices, IEEE ADCom 2015, Chennai, India
  • 2-days hands-on workshop on “HTTP protocol and Network Security” as part of 6-day workshop on “Research Frontiers in Networking”, at BNMIT, Bangalore
  • Paper: An Efficient Approach towards Privacy Preservation and Collusion Resistance Attendance System, IEEE MITE 2015
  • Paper by Faculty: Analyzing the Performance of the WiMAX Networks based on QoS Traffic Prediction Routing Protocol using Gene Expression Programming,  International Journal of Applied Metaheuristic Computing (IJAMC), Apr 2016
  • Filed 4 provisional patents in 2015-16 when on sabbatical leave (with Smartron India Pvt Ltd)
  • Reviewed of 10+ technical papers at IEEE ANTS, IEEE ADcom conference
  • Established 8 numbers of Huawei Merit Cum Need scholarship each with an amount of Rs 75k.
  • In process of establishing the Huawei Innocation lab
  • Hands-on 1-day workshop conducted at VVIET, Mysore
  • Review of technical papers at IEEE ANTS-2016, IEEE ADCom 2016, ParCompTech-2016 conferences
  • Filed 2 Full patents from the existing provisional patents
  • Expect to file one provisional patent on privacy preservation of personal data in public cloud
  • of students working on various projects presently: 5 (Undergrads 4, Research Associates: 1)