The university strongly believes in kindling the interest among the students to understand the concepts they study thoroughly and apply them in new ways. The proactive support for research based activities has helped the university to attract qualified and experienced faculty.

Basic engineering research at PES University is a systematic pursuit for greater knowledge and understanding of the fundamental aspects of the research domain. These efforts are rooted in the observations during wide range of projects handled by the students, faculty and researchers. Many basic research projects have laid the foundation for strengthening knowledge that lead to applications over a period of time. Technology organizations have urged support for initiatives basic research, mainly because basic research, innovation, and development are closely linked.

Applied engineering research at PES University is in the nature of a systematic inquiry involving the practical application. Applied research deals with solving practical problems and research organization and industries have sponsored projects that require the mix of deep domain knowledge with practical orientation and advanced infrastructure. The projects executed by the students, faculty and researchers have met the stringent requirements of the critical areas like military and aerospace.


PES University ensures that the best in faculty work in well equipped laboratories. Each domain is guided by a domain head with exceptional academic credentials and a passion for research and development activities. The domain head leads a research team comprising of members drawn from the faculty who work closely with the students. The research areas are selected taking into account availability of expertise and potential industry support. The students get a chance to try their hands on the latest equipment and software tools.


Research enriches all aspects of teaching and learning. The list of projects demonstrates the deep domain knowledge of the faculty and competence of the students. Premier organizations have relied on PES University’s talent for active assistance. The guidance provided by the experienced faculty and the well equipped laboratories have ensured successful completion of projects that meet the expectations of the funding organization.


The various research domains at PES University have successfully initiated projects independently and in collaboration with other research institutes. The funding organizations include government concerns and industries. The vibrant academic environment and a tradition of active participation in technical events have resulted in publications in leading journals and proceedings of premier conferences.