Providing affordable and quality Education and Healthcare are the current challenges in the developing and densely populated countries, such as India and China. The Healthcare Delivery Systems are overloaded because of the inefficient expensive systems, processes and resources. Current challenges of healthcare delivery system like poor health environment, Poor Patient Monitoring & Tracking, Increasing disease burden because of poor control of infectious diseases & increasing prevalence of lifestyle disease have to be tackled efficiently. Healthcare is also people / professional driven and depends on the competencies of the professional staff rather than the physical infrastructure. There are less number of doctors and hospital beds per 1000 population in India when compared with other nations. Lack of awareness, accessibility and affordability in remote / rural areas is also a big concern along with the concern of low Government Spending on Healthcare

Use of Information Technology in Healthcare can potentially improve healthcare. The Center for Research in Healthcare intends to research and develop innovative IT tools to bridge the gap between the healthcare providers and the beneficiaries by researching / developing innovative interfaces / products that ease the burden on the medical professionals and increase efficiency of Healthcare delivery.


The Healthcare Research Center at PESU will create an outstanding climate of support for researchers, broadly enabling stellar research advances in Healthcare & LifeSciences.

Our Mission

  • To contribute to India and the World through excellence in R&D in cutting-edge technologies in healthcare and LifeSciences sector.
  • To partner with the research community to create a culture of high achievement
  • To strategically invest in promising research and researchers
  • To supports strong infrastructure for interdisciplinary research


  • Research Excellence and Innovation – Foster a culture of inquiry, innovation, and accountability.
  • Research will be applied, innovative and of high quality in the sectors of Healthcare & LifeSciences.
  • HRC@PESU will conduct research in partnership with researchers, medical professionals and other external stakeholders.
  • Respect and Diversity – HRC@PESU will strive create an inclusive environment where every individual feels respected and allow diversity in thoughts and actions.

Projects Undertaken

Clinical Pathways

  • A research oriented Cloud-based software that can be used on smart phones to guide the doctors for treatment of diseases.
  • Clinical Pathways provides users in this case mainly Educational Institutions and Doctors a tool that will help them to treat patients and their disease symptoms in a more refined, clinical and efficient manner.
  • Software provides doctors a clear understanding about how they should proceed during the treatment of a particular disease. This tool outputs a flowchart where the Doctors can input values from patients reports and the tool would automatically highlight a path from the flowchart. Doctors can then follow this path for the treatment of that particular disease.

Android App for Healthcare Data Collection and Analysis

  • The Smart Phone App enables the health workers who go on medical camps to rural areas, to collect the data securely and store it on to a local database and finally on a remote server.
  • This app reduces the paper work and can retrieve the data of the patient anytime. A Web front-end enables viewing of the formatted data.
  • The app also generates error free data which in turn can be used for basic analysis such as classification of places as sensitive to a particular disease.


  • A Smartphone App for Tracking and Live directory Services for Doctors on duty at Hospitals
  • An ingenious Smartphone application for tracking and live-directory services for doctors working in large hospitals. This application is based on the Geo-fencing concept. The Geo-fencing means locate the smart phone user and send the message to mobile device which fall in the particular geographical area.
  • Doctors can be easily accessed and can be called for emergency duty depending on their proximity to the hospital

Paediatric EHR

  • Paediatric EHR is a solution for paediatricians who would like to treat children by not considering them as little-adults. The solution provides for storing Electronic Health Records (EHRs) suitable for children with proper progress notes.
  • The solution provides Automated Growth Charts, e-Prescribing, Reports and Immunization modules that streamline clinical workflows.


  • App for doctor prescriptions with integration to medicine delivery to the patients
  • Cloud-based e-Prescription
  • Prescription on mobile & internet
  • Integration with Pharmacies
  • Home delivery of prescribed medicines


  • App for doctor referrals for consultation and second opinions with Electronic Health Records (EHRs)
  • Android / Cloud-based e-Referral App
  • Referrals on mobile & internet
  • Integration with Electronic Health Records (EHRs)
  • Facilitates Second Opinions from medical experts anywhere in the world.

Blood Donor Portal / App for PESU

  • Design and build a blood donor portal / app for PES University so that all students and faculty can be part of the donor team.
  • Even if 10% of the students enroll every year, we will have a huge number of donors.
  • This initiative is better than a blood camp that is conducted in PESU on a need basis.
  • The alumni will have a connect to PESU through this initiative.

HomeCare Doctor Application

  • Health care product which is used by Doctor and patients to provide a health services to the patients at door step. The product should work with the computers or laptops or smart phone available in market particularly with internet connection
  • K-HomeCareDoctor is a cloud software which is used by the geriatric patients for their regular health check up i,e measuring their basic vital parameters like B.P, H.R, P.R, SPO2, ECG, Blood Glucose and to store their health records in cloud based applications.

Oral Cancer Detection

  • Oral cancer ranks in the top three of all cancers in India, which accounts for over thirty per cent of all cancers reported in the country and oral cancer control is quickly becoming a global health priority.
  • Tobacco chewing and usage of Gutkas may be an accelerator for oral cancer in India
  • Detection of oral cancer with images taken from a USB digital microscope.
  • Android or windows application to analyse/detect and send the images to a qualified doctor for further diagnosis.

Portable PHR (Personal Health Records) Tool

  • Personally each individual is responsible for making decisions about his/her health. A Personal Health Record can help accomplish this responsibility.A Personal Health Record (PHR) can be used by patients to maintain and manage their health information in a private, secure, and confidential environment. PHRs are separate from, and do not replace, the legal record of any health care provider.
  • A PHR tool can be used to collect, track and share past and current information about your health or the health of someone in your care.
  • Sometimes this information can save you the money and inconvenience of repeating routine medical tests.
  • Even when routine procedures do need to be repeated, your PHR tool can give medical care providers more insight into your personal health story.
  • Properly designed and implemented, PHR tools can help patients manage their health information and become full partners in the quest for good health

Digital Stethoscope with PCG Analysis App on Android / Windows

  • The ability to quantitate the sounds made by the heart provides information not readily available from more sophisticated tests, and it provides vital information about the effects of certain drugs on the heart. It is also an effective method for tracking the progress of the person’s disease.
  • The digitally modified stethoscope provides simple and cost effective solution for heart beat and lung sound monitoring. It is achieved through generic stethoscope by appending the stethoscope diaphragm with an electronic condenser microphone and the output – the phonocardiographic (PCG) sounds – is recorded into a system using generic 3.5 mm diameter audio plug.
  • The recorded and stored phonocardiographic (PCG) sounds of a patient can be analyzed to produce a PCG signature for the said patient.
  • PCG signature comprises of a plurality of characteristics selected from the heart rate of said patient, said location, the type and timing of each short and long heart sounds in said systolic phase, the type and timing of each short and long heart sounds in said diastolic phase.

Android App for helping Alzheimer Patients

  • Dementia is an inclusive term for progressive brain syndromes that lead to a decline of brain functions such as memory, thinking, language, reasoning and recognition abilities over time.
  • Alzheimer’s disease is the most common type of dementia and accounts for 60 to 80 percent of dementia cases. The most common sign of Alzheimer’s is memory loss; especially forgetting recently learned information.
  • Android application that can aid the patients as well as care givers would be an helpful tool.
  • Combining this with the GPS system would provide better protection to the patients suffering from dementia.
  • Telehealth facilities in the app can also help patients in rural areas