The PES domain for Cellular and Molecular Biotechnology is involved in research projects of microbial biotechnology, molecular biology, biopolymers, biosensors and biofertilizers. It focuses on developing processes for microbial products, genetic engineering and strain improvement. The researchers work at the interface of multiple disciplines like bioinformatics, environmental biotechnology and process engineering.


  • Enhance the exposure of students and faculty to core areas such as molecular biology and genetic engineering
  • Provide mentoring to research scholars of M. Sc (Engg.) by Research and Ph. D students and 8th semester project students, related to core and applied areas of the domain like microbial and plant molecular biology and industrial biotechnology.
  • Encourage collaborative research in the form of funded projects and widen the opportunities for qualified graduates and post graduates to take up research career.


  • S V Reshma -filed a provisional patent (Indian) for design of a MEMS based device for the diagnosis of CML.
  • Project: Kannan K “Isolation & characterization of actinomycetes, extraction of nanoparticles from actinomycetes and testing their effectiveness as therapeutic agent
  • Angira Devi Bhuyan, Karishma Mehta (3rd Sem, PESU) and Dr.Uma M V wrote paper entitled “Lubricant oil as a substrate for bacteria isolated from the rhizosphere” which was accepted for oral presentation in International Conference On Green Technology For Health And Environment: Implementations And Policies- Dec.15,16- 2016, Bangalore
  • Sheetal, Rashmi, Ramya, guidd by Mrs. Reshma S V won 1st place in Poster Presentation Competition: Extraction, Purification and Partial charecterization of Lectins from Entada rheedii. National Conference on Science and Technology for Sustainable Society at AVK College for Women, Hassan.
  • S V Reshma Delivered a guest lecture on ”In silico and in vitro characterization of hypothetical proteins” at Sir MVIT, Bangalore
  • No. of students working on various projects presently: 33 (Undergrads: 31, Grads: 1, Doctoral: 2)