KAnOE – the Centre for Knowledge Analytics and Ontological Engineering – is a research centre funded primarily by the World Bank through the Government of India – Ministry of Human Resources Development. With a focus on the unique area of combining analytics with ontological engineering, KAnOE aims to make a defining contribution to the field of knowledge management through knowledge analytics and ontological engineering.


  • Develop into an internationally recognized research centre in the areas of knowledge analytics and ontological engineering.
  • Create, curate and publish semantic Linked Open Datasets globally.
  • Find knowledge-intensive solutions to socially relevant problems of India.


KAnOE is equipped with a high-performance computing facility in one of the newest buildings on the PESU campus. The KAnOE research team is interdisciplinary with key faculty members and research students from computer science, information science, scientometrics and mechanical engineering. Students at KAnOE get to develop applications on the latest software tools in the areas of ontological engineering, analytics and visualization.


Some of the key research projects ongoing at KAnOE include:

  • Automatically translating very large semantic datasets to Indian languages such as Kannada.
  • Building a browser for Linked Open Datasets.
  • Ontological engineering of mechanical mechanisms and heat exchangers.
  • Creation of Linked Open Datasets

Further details of the activities and events of KAnOE can be found at http://kanoe.org


  • Held a series of well-attended workshops in unique areas, including the recent international workshop on Visual Text Analytics delivered by renowned faculty from Dalhousie University, Canada. Other workshops held at KAnOE include Introduction to Knowledge Analytics and Ontological Engineering, Empirical Analytics: Issues and Methodologies, Informetrics: Measuring the Output of Research, Categories for the Web: Towards a Semantic Web, Ontology for Sanskrit Processing, Two-Day Faculty Development Workshop on Ontological Engineering, Ontological Structures for Language Processing, Workshop on Explorations in Knowledge Analytics, Intensive Course on Ontological Engineering and OWL and Geospatial Analytics.
  • Submitted India’s only entry in the Global Semantic Web Challenge held in Sydney, Australia during the International Semantic Web Conference – ISWC 2013.
  • Published the first dataset through the global Linked Open Dataset – LOD cloud in the area of information technology (http://datahub.io/dataset/load-it).