Dr. Roshan Makam is currently Professor and Biotechnology Department Head. He brings with him over 25+ years of rich experience both in industry and academia. His experience include in the fields of Chemical/Biochemical Engineering, Biotechnology and Environmental Engineering.


He has two patents filed to his credit and has published articles in reputed Journals. He is also an international reviewer for Elsevier‟s journals on Biochemical Engineering Journal, Journal of Theoretical Biology, Chemical Engineering Journal, International Journal of Heat and Mass Transfer, Water Research, Medical Hypothesis. He is also the Editor of Research and Reviews: Bioinformatics and STM Journal. To his credit he was awarded a Certificate of Excellence as an international reviewer of Biochemical Engineering Journal.


He is currently working on a DBT, Government of India funded project. His research topics include Metabolic Engineering, Green Technologies, Biofuels, Biomolecular Modelling and Simulation, Protein Structure Prediction and Bio-nanotechnology.


He has a doctorate degree in Environmental Engineering and masters in Chemical/Biochemical Engineering from Arizona State University, USA and had a stint in the Biotechnology Engineering Centre at Tufts University, USA. He obtained his Bachelor of Engineering degree in Chemical Engineering from Bangalore University.

Industry and Research

His terms as a Junior Research Fellow in the Tribology Department at Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore, Process Engineer at Genzyme Corporation, and as a Consultant at Narasimhan Consulting Incorporation have shaped his approach to research.