The ever ending technological developments in automotive (self driven road transport vehicles) and aerospace domains, provides challenges enough for multi-disciplinary teams across departments and in related industry to work on cutting edge innovation and research all the way from materials through the process and the product. This domain therefore, is a multidisciplinary center serving research, consulting and training needs for the automobile (automotive and aerospace) industry in general. CARE (Center for Automobile Research and Engineering) focuses on virtual design and engineering, testing and prototyping of typical automobile related applications and associated applied research. Another area of focus is new concept development, invention and innovation. CARE supports the automotive and aero clubs and related activities at PES University. CARE also focuses on green technologies, specifically in electric and hybrid vehicle technologies in collaboration with specific industry partners in this domain.


  • Conduct multidisciplinary research and engineering activities for UGs, PGs’s and Phd’s on various challenges of the automobile (automotive and aerospace) industry
  • Interface with the automobile industry to work on specific advanced engineering projects related to mechanical, materials, manufacturing, electronics, embedded systems, sensors, battery and related technologies. Creation of a “On Campus platform” for Research, training consulting bringing students, academia and industry together
  • Interface with academia and industry through research, consulting and training with the industry, R&D labs and related service providers, to develop industry ready students and supporting faculty to train students in industry specific advanced engineering requirements.
  • Focus is also in application of computational mechanics (CAE and CFD) for variety of advanced engineering problems in general engineering industry on need basis.
  • Support the automotive and aero clubs at the university
  • Patents and IP filings for Innovations at this Centre.


PES University ensures the best in faculty work in well equipped laboratories. Each domain is guided by a domain head with sterling academic credentials and a passion for research and development activities. The domain head leads a research team comprising of members drawn from the faculty who work closely with the students. The key technologies are selected taking into account availability of expertise and potential industry support. The students get a chance to try their hands on the latest software tools.


Research enriches all aspects of teaching and learning in the curriculum. The list of current projects demonstrates the deep domain knowledge of the faculty and competence of the students. Premier organizations have relied on PES University’s talent for active assistance. The guidance provided by the experienced faculty and the well equipped laboratories have ensured successful completion of projects that meet the expectations of the funding organization.


In short span of time the CARE team at PES University has successfully initiated projects independently and in collaboration with other industry and research institutes. At present the funding organizations for this domain are both government and related industries. The vibrant academic environment and a tradition of active participation in technical events have resulted in on-going publications in premier conference proceedings and leading journals.


  • Projects: Electronics and Radar Development Establishment (LRDE, DRDO), Structural and CFD analysis
    • Structural and Thermal support for PISAT
    • Non-Linear structural analysis of Lock handle for Allegion
    • Cranio-facial Fracture analysis of Human skull for RGUHS
    • DISA – Structural and CFD analysis of Large industrial Turbofan
    • Hull stress monitoring for Naval Research board
    • CFD Simulation of Cyclone separator, Centrifugal Filter – Phase 1 and Thermal analysis of spin-on Filter for Mann-Hummel
    • Rotor dynamics simulations, Composite Manufacturing Technology development, Rotor dynamic Bearing analysis, Friction Stir Welding analysis and Experimentation, Sampling space Methods, Parametric modelling of Turbine blade, Computational Flow Dynamics of Motor and Test Procedure for measuring system for sensing CO content and Humidity for Siemens
    • Deformation analysis for large gears, Computational fluid dynamic simulation of very high speed Gearbox and Static and dynamic analysis of Industrial Gearbox for Triveni Gears
    • Durability analysis of Golf Cart for Ingersoll-Rand
    • Design of Composite Unmanned Aerial Vehicle for Safran Aerospace
    • Aerofi: Supporting the Genjet program on Aerodynamics, Structures, Landing Gear and Systems
  • Papers
    • IEEE Sustainable Technology conference, Phoenix, Arizona, Presented paper on “Performance analysis of Continuous varying transmission for Electric Vehicles” Madhavaram Sai Krishna and Kishore M N
    • IEEE Global Humanitarian Technology Conference, Seattle, USA Presented poster on “Optimization of landing gear for unmanned aerial vehicle”, Madhavaram Sai Krishna and Kishore M N
    • Simulation of Dust Pre-Separation in Axial Entry Gas Cyclone Using CFD, Ravichandran Srinivasan , Chetan B M ,Martin J. Lehmann, Srikanth S. R , Suresh Nagesh , Volker Greif, Ashish S , Kumar Ramaiah , AntomonChowallur. Published in IJERTV5IS080237 Volume-5 –> Issue. 08
    • Computational Fluid Dynamic Analysis of the Heating Cycle of an Autoclave, Dr Suresh Nagesh , DrRavichandran Srinivasan , Mr. Manu C S , Mr. Anant Kumar Mishra, Mr. Sudev Nair , Mr. VidyabhushanaHande. Under review: ASME Fluids journal
    • Numerical analysis for an optimal design of stacked plates in airborne radar, Mr. Akshaysudesh, MrChetan B M, Ravichandran Srinivasan, Suresh Nagesh Under Review: IEEE Journal
    • Shobha E S, Suresh Nagesh, et al,’Analysis of stresses in mandible and skull under inclined impacts’,IEEE, ISIGHT, 2016
    • Understanding stresses in the Midface under different loading conditions_A FEM approach, Shoba E S, Suresh Nagesh, Simulia International Conference, 3DS, Bangalore, India,
  • Madhavaram Sai Krishna and Kishore M N awarded ‘Best Utility Award’ and a net cash prize of $3500 for the project on “Optimization of landing gear for unmanned aerial vehicle” at the Innovation in design and simulation challenge, ASME IDETC conference, Charlotte, North Carolina, US.
  • Madhavaram Sai Krishna and Kishore M N Awarded ‘Best Poster Award’ and a cash prize of $300 for presenting poster on “Performance analysis of Continuous varying transmission for Electric Vehicles” ASME COMS and Emerging Technology conference, Houston, Texas, USA
  • of students working on various projects presently: 52 (Undergrads: 30, Post grads: 10, Research Associates: 7, Ph.D’s – 5)