Dr. Suresh Nagesh has 7 US Patents

  • Vehicle Body Structure, USP # 6,206,458, Mar 27th 2001
  • Light Weight Automotive Body Structure, USP # 6,666,501, Dec 23rd 2013
  • Full offset two-piece fiber reinforced composite wheel using spoke or web area box-sections, USP #6,726,292, April 27th 2004
  • Composite Spring Design that also performs the lower control arm function for a conventional or active suspension system, USP# 6,811,169, November 2nd 2004
  • Composite vehicle structure for side impact – Del C. Schroeder, Suresh Nagesh, David Speth, David Gill and Marianna Forrest, Jan 2000
  • Hybrid bumper system, Suresh Nagesh, Stephen Shuler, Tansen Chaudhari and Alok Nanda, 20040094975, May 20th 2004
  • Self Heating apparatus, Suresh Nagesh, Rajarajan, Bandopadhyay et al, 20050067406, Mar 31st 2005

EKO Vehicles has several US patents that it has brought along with its relationship with PESU.

Two disclosures have been filed recently 2013-14.