The PES Center for Pattern Recognition is involved in research projects in the ubiquitous areas of signal processing and pattern recognition. It focuses on designing mathematical and engineering tools to solve computational problems in biomedicine, biometric recognition, optical character recognition and text analytics, video processing and various applications of data mining. Thus, researchers at the Center for Pattern Recognition work at the interface of multiple disciplines including biomedicine, healthcare, mathematics and multidimensional signal processing. Assist-devices for various applications such as healthcare and education are prime-movers behind most of the work taken up at the Center. The Center is committed to the dissemination of knowledge in the core areas of pattern recognition and signal processing and related domains.


  • Increase the exposure of students and faculty to core areas such as pattern recognition and image processing and related areas such as natural language processing, data mining, etc.
  • Provide mentoring for enthusiastic and aspiring researchers (particularly undergraduates) to work on research projects in areas related to pattern recognition and signal processing to evolve their own approach to problem solving that is technically sound and ethically strong.
  • Encourage collaborative research through working on projects that require expertise in multiple disciplines (such as mathematics, signal processing, data mining) as well as domain knowledge (such as in healthcare, medicine, etc.)
  • Create a social impact by working on projects independently and in collaboration with other institutions such as hospitals, companies, etc. to ensure the work is accessible to the people it is intended to help


PES University ensures the best in faculty work in well equipped laboratories. Each domain is guided by a domain head with sterling academic credentials and a passion for research and development activities. The domain head leads a research team comprising of members drawn from the faculty who work closely with the students. The key technologies are selected taking into account availability of expertise and potential industry support. The students get a chance to try their hands on the latest software tools.


Research enriches all aspects of teaching and learning in the curriculum. The list of current projects demonstrates the domain knowledge of the faculty and competence of the students. Premier organizations have relied on PES University’s talent for active assistance. The guidance provided by the experienced faculty have ensured successful completion of projects that meet the expectations of the funding and/ or collaborative organizations.


PES Center for Pattern Recognition has initiated projects independently and in collaboration with companies and hospitals. Projects that have been successfully completed have resulted in publications and the award of a patent as well as in the placements of the students affiliated to the Center in R&D labs in top-tier companies or institutions of higher learning here in India and abroad.