1. [In collaboration with Forus Health Pvt. Ltd.] Conversion of images in jpeg and bmp formats to DICOM and integrating with associated patient records.
  2. [In collaboration with Forus Health Pvt. Ltd.] Study of the feasibility of using iris as a biometric from Nethra oyal’s near-infrared images of the eye.
  3. [In collaboration with the Center for Bioimage Informatics, Carnegie Mellon University] Design of an ImageJ plugin for the active mask segmentation of a 2D z- stack of cell images.
  4. [In collaboration with HumdingerLabs] Mining of social network data and visualization of user groups.
  5. Software tool to track a ser’s performance and atomate cstomized video pase- and-playback to assist self-learning craft through online videos.
  6. Recognition of Kannada optical and handwritten characters and text-to-speech conversion for an automated reading and writing tutor.
  7. Detection of unidentified (or unclaimed or abandoned) bags and anomalous crowd activity in video recordings.