Clean Organic Synthesis

Investigation of the applications of various clean synthesis techniques for the production of fine chemicals and conversion of bio-platform molecules to intermediate chemicals and monomers for polymers synthesis.

Catalysis and adsorption

Heterogeneous catalysis involving the search for metal oxide catalysts of high surface area, their synthesis using different techniques including synthesis in nanoparticle range and testing them as catalysts and for adsorption of various pollutant species including arsenic from groundwater.

Drug design

Drug design includes design and synthesis of structural compounds, scouting of stereo-isomers and stereo-selective compounds which are bioactive in nature. Test, validate the activity in in vivo and in vitro systems and also establish the possible side effects.

Natural extraction

Vegetation offers a number of functional high value compounds which are potentially bioactive which are utilized as food ingredients, pharmaceuticals and nutraceuticals. The work aims at developing the extraction of these bioactive compounds in greener and most energy efficient manner. And biomass left behind after extraction can be used as source of feedstocks for production of bio platform molecules.

Computation Chemistry

This study involves Monte Carlo simulation studies of phase transitions in magnetic materials , optical and transport properties of II-VI semiconducting nanoparticles, direct simulation Monte Carlo simulation studies of high-vorticity gaseous flows and Monte Carlo simulation studies in image processing.