AICTE Funded Project

  1. Research Grant award of Rs. 4.90 lakh was awarded by AICTE, New Delhi. India, for Microwave assisted of lignocelluloses feeds stock to biofuels and Dr. M Veerabhadraswamy Principal Investigator. (Ref. No. 8023/RID/RPS/070/11/12 dated: 06.08.2012).

Ph D Students’ Research Work

  1. Microwave assisted Chemical synthesis of fine chemicals from bioplatform molecules.
  2. Production of bioplatform chemical intermediates from deoiled seed cake.Conversion of defatted Rice Bran into Biofuels and intermediate chemicals.
  3. Synthesis, structure and reactivity of transition metal complexes derived base ligands.
  4. Synthesis of high-area metal oxide grafted with arsenic-specific chelating agent as adsorption medium for the removal of arsenic from groundwater.

UG Students’ Project

  1. Production of hydrogen gas form microalgae.
  2. Production of bio-fuel from microalgae.
  3. Direct simulation Monte Carlo methods to study gas flows.