The prospect of Medical and Environmental Biotechnology is uniquely diversified. The domain prepares students and research scholars for rewarding job scope as well as in academic fields. The domain exposes incumbents to entrepreneurial skills and is conversant with legal, social, ethical and safety issues of local and global settings. The vision is to achieve strength in biotechnological tools for generation of products, processes and technologies that shall enhance efficiency and productivity in food, agriculture, bioremediation and human health, being also cost effective and environmentally safe.


  • To find bio-solutions to environmental pollution (bioremediation), particularly microbial bioremediation.
  • To find and study potential drug candidates sourced from indigenous phyto-chemicals particularly for cancer, pulmonary and neurological disorders including research in health diagnostics.
  • To train students and research scholars in the fields of environmental and medical biotechnological applications by research and promote entrepreneurial activities.