Advanced composite materials have wide ranging, proven applications in critical areas that provide unique characteristics to the product. For instance, only advanced composites meet the stringent requirements of rugged and lightweight demands of aerospace structural parts. The technology of advanced composites manufacture is continually evolving. While aerospace is the predominant market for advanced composites today, there is a great potential and future for these niche materials in automotive, electronics, sports, surface transportation, power generation and other general engineering industries. This fact motivates and drives us to focus on development and characterization of different class of innovative advanced composites materials for a host of engineering applications. Emphasis will be to address the existing challenges and issues in manufacturing of composite products.


  • To address the current Challenges and Issues in Advanced Composites Technology
  • To Foster and strengthen the industry interactions in the area of Advanced Composites
  • To develop innovative processes in achieving low cost high quality Advanced Composites


PES University ensures the best in faculty work in well equipped laboratories. Each domain is guided by a domain head with sterling academic credentials and a passion for research and development activities. The domain head leads a research team comprising of members drawn from the faculty who work closely with the students. The key technologies are selected taking into account availability of expertise and potential industry support. The students are provided with opportunities to have hands on experience on current ongoing research projects and advanced software tools.


Research enriches all aspects of teaching and learning in the curriculum. The list of current projects demonstrates the deep domain knowledge and competence of the faculty and competence of the students. Premier organizations have relied on PES University’s talent for active assistance. The guidance provided by the experienced faculty with the state of art infrastructure has ensured successful completion of projects meeting the expectations levels of the funding organization.


The Advanced Composites Domain at PES University has successfully initiated projects independently and in collaboration with other research institutes. At present the funding organizations for this domain are government organizations. The vibrant academic and research environment with active participation in National & International Conferences have resulted in publications in Referred conference proceedings and Journals of high repute, award of PhDs and recognition to students affiliated to this Center in R&D labs in top-tier companies or institutions of higher learning both in India and abroad. Successful in establishing research collaborations with Universities abroad – University West, Sweden and Bournemouth University, UK.