Innovative Lightweight composites

Currently lightweight composites are in great demand in space, automotive , sports, aerospace applications owing to requirements of components being subjected to greater loads with weight being the major constraint . This innovative class of light material is revolutionizing all spheres of life activity and has a direct impact on the quality of life of mankind.

Focus area : Aluminium- Carbon Fibre Composites, Laminated & Honey-Comb Structures – Development & Characterisation and Applications

Rapid Prototyping

This is a new technology cutting down the product life cycle of any component. Enables creative component designs as well as modifications in design followed by prototyping in the most shortest possible time.

Focus Area : Creative Designs in Automotive, household items, Metallic Coatings on RP components

Friction stir welding

One of the recent developments in welding technology which is being widely researched into .in areas related to dissimilar metal joining . This technology is currently exploited in developing hard composite layers to minimize the damage of components due to wear.

Focus Area : Welding of aluminum based composites , dissimilar metals welding, processing of novel composites .

Tribology of coatings

Study on friction, wear and lubrication of mating parts are of prime importance in assessing the tribological performance of a component. Currently the tribological performance of engineering components is enhanced by developing high quality self-lubricating coatings.

Focus Area : HVOF and Wire thermal spray coatings , Electro-composites .

Casting Simulation

Prediction of temperature profile, porosity distribution and shrinkage locations in the castings of engineering components are of significance in the current industrial practices of Indian foundries in achieving high quality castings with optimal production lot .

Focus Area : Casting simulation of automotive components.