A finite element analysis tool for structural and heat transfer analysis of engineering components.


Casting simulation tool for optimization of riser and gating systems to achieve high yield and quality castings


Advanced Composite Research Centre has the state of art facilities to enable students and faculty to pursue high quality research and to facilitate execution of funded projects in several thrust areas of composite materials technology. The wide range of equipment that includes:

  1. 200 T Hydraulic Press
  2. Salt Spray Chamber for Accelerated corrosion Tests
  3. Fatigue Testing facility (High Cycle )
  4. Slurry erosion Test facility
  5. Pin-On-Disc Tribometer
  6. Microhardness Tester
  7. Pro-Cast software
  8. Electrochemical Workstation for corrosion test
  9. Extrusion set up-Dies & other components
  10. Thermal conductivity Set up
  11. Heat Treatment Furnace
  12. Electrical Resistance Melting Furnace
  13. Composite Preparation Set up
  14. Thermal Spray – HVOF Equipment
  15. Grit Blasting Machine
  16. Rapid Prototyping Machine