Ordell Ugo, the beginning vision, gives students a chance to participate in the process of developing ideas into research concepts and workable products. Starting from a single room with a small group of students it has grown into a hub of ideas where a large number of students work on innovative projects. Some students consider Ordell Ugo a turning point as it hones their leadership qualities, team spirit, industry exposure and ability to map practical implementation against theoretical concepts.

Ordell Ugo is the first encounter with the world of research for students. Research takes the form of systematic inquiry involving the practical application of concepts they study. Students get to know about new things every day, from crimping Ethernet cable to writing a paper for an international conference. It is also about building bridges between the freshers and seniors, faculty and learners and striking interesting conversations. Ordell Ugo is a hub of activities, events and programs that gives the students a glimpse of the world of research and innovation.

Sharing ideas

Students learn how their ideas can acquire new dimensions when shared, Some among them who are excited about the technologies they have worked devote time to creating awareness about the technologies. The opportunities to work on collaborative or interdisciplinary projects in teams mentored by faculty, seniors and experts gives new dimensions to the ideas. Students interact with seniors and alumni for guidance on technology and business issues.

Dimensions of research

Research is a lot also about respecting and protecting intellectual property. Students are made aware of intellectual property rights, patent procedure, government IP policies and legal dimensions of open public licenses and disclosures. Students get a chance to attend talks by achievers from diverse technical fields who have experimented with new concepts, built ideas into products or interpreted concepts in a whole new way. Students discuss their ideas with experts and successful entrepreneurs to value the business potential. Ordell Ugo has programs about improving presentation and communication skills and team building.

Introductory Research Skills

The awareness of the formal aspect of research is essential to pursue it in a systematic way. Students gain exposure to publications, conferences, workshops, symposium and journals. They choose and participate in events by sending papers, registering for them and getting memberships to prestigious industry organizations. A popular skill development training program exposes students to: research methodology, product development, agile development, technical writing. Another popular event has students accessing official code written for a specific purpose to fix problems with the code or integrate new features.

Research Projects

iNoah. An initiative to evangelize Cloud technology.

Ogbon. A framework foriInteractive and synchronized multilingual multimedia creation, modification and rendering.

SNAIDE. Integrated development environment for social network analysis

Crowd Scripting. The project attempts to provide an efficient framework that supports CrowdScripting. It identifies students who are most suitable for providing content for a given context.

Visual Metacognitive Assistance. Automatic generation of knowledge path for a textbook to assist the reader

Ordell Ugo is helmed by Dr Nitin Pujari. He heads the department of Computer Science and Engineering. His research interests include web technologies and analytics. He holds post-graduate and graduate degrees in computer science.