The tradition of academic excellence in the university has enabled the different engineering disciplines pursued in the university to grow into hubs of serious technical discussions and exchange of ideas. Under the traditional branches of engineering the different domains have carved and identity of their own and are charting a path in line with the developments in the field.

The domains are guided by the faculty and researchers. The focus of every initiative at the university is the student. The domains while making the best of extra-curricular areas and external experts continue to result in sharpening the research and technology skills of the students.

The students complement their curricular learning with exposure to the industry like environment to explore the world of ideas and innovation. The theoretical background helps them to approach the projects undertaken by different research domains in a more systematic fashion. The guidance of the faculty is critical to inspire students to go beyond the curricular knowledge to create real world solutions.


The field of electronics starts with a sensor which captures the signal, to processing of the signal, in integrated circuits, is communicated to other devices including by using satellites and the gathered data is interpreted intelligently. This sequence captures the field of electronics in six domains: Sensors, Signal Processing, VLSI, Communication, Satellite Technologies,Intelligent Systems.


The field of electrical engineering covers power and energy systems. Embedded Systems control and monitor the electrical systems. Embedded systems from being a part of electrical system has grown into specialized area where engineers optimize it to reduce the size and cost of the product and increase the reliability and performance. This field covers the domains of: Power and Energy Systems and Embedded Systems Engineering


The mechanical engineering department has a heritage of successful wins at formula car rallies and aero-vehicles. Two of the areas have grown into centers of excellence by bringing diverse set of skills to evolve solutions. The domains are: Advanced Composites Research Centre (ARC) and Centre for Automobile Research & Engineering (CARE) and Thermo-fluids Engineering.

Computer Science

The students of the university are sought after by the IT companies. The diverse applications driven by principles of computer science has resulted in domains of: Mobile Systems Engineering, Networks and Security, Cloud Computing & Big Data, Intelligent Social Systems, Knowledge Analytics & Ontological Engineering.


The perspective of biotechnology as the culmination of life sciences and engineering has created the domains of: Medical and Environmental Biotechnology, Process Engineering and Computational Biology, Cellular and Molecular Biotechnology and Green Chemistry.