Funded projects

1. RF Wireless LAN for Satellites – Funded by ISRO In satellites, presently, bulky wired harness is used for data communication among various packages. Harness preparation is an involved activity consuming lot of time and effort in addition to large weight amounting to almost 20% of the satellite mass. Project is to study, design, simulate and develop RF LAN for interconnecting various packages onboard spacecraft without bulky wired harness.

2. Study. design and development of 4π Steradian Sun sensor – Funded by RCI/DRDO 4π Steradian Sun Sensor ( Four Pi Sun Sensor – FPSS) are used onboard LEO imaging satellites for sun pointing initially after launch. Subsequently FPSS is used to recover from the loss of earth lock if happens at any time in orbit. Project involves Study, design and development of the 4π Steradian Sun Sensor.

3. Study, design and development of Magnetic torquer – Funded by RCI/DRDO Magnetic torquers, often called as Magnetic Torquer Rods (MTR) are mainly used in Satellite Attitude Control Systems (ACS) as a control actuator to generate desired controllable torques. Magnetic Torquers are regularly used in Satellites for momentumdumping i.e. de-saturation of momentum wheels and reaction wheels. Project involves study, design and development of Magnetic torquer for LEO satellites.

4. Study of RF Communication System configuration for LEO satellites – Funded by RCI/DRDO Satellite communication system involves reception of carrier modulated with tele-commands from ground station and transmitting a carrier with telemetry and payload data to ground station using appropriate antenna systems. The project involves study and development of a configuration for TT&C and data transmitting systems of LEO satellites.

Completed Student Projects

Project Supervisor: Dr. V. Sambasiva Rao


1. “Analysis and Synthesis of Handover Algorithms” by Akhila S , BMSCE, April 2013 – Completed 2013
2. “Design and Development of Energy Efficient Wireless Sensor Network Protocol” by Jayanthi K Murhty, BMSCE, 2014 – Completed 2014
3. “Investigation on QOS issues of mobile wimax 802.16e “ by Arathi R. Shankar, BMSCE, – submitted – 2014


4. “Design and Development of S-band Transmitter for Satellites Commanding” by Putta Koteswarudu, ECE, 2013
5. “RF LAN for Satellite” by Hemanth Kumar S, ECE-2013
6. “Efficient Forward Error Correction Coding For Satellite Communication” by Prakash S, ECE-2013
7. “ FSK/FM modem – Digital implementation” by Vinayak Gangi, ECE-2013
8. “Adoption and Implementation of OCP-IP with SOC Design Methodology” by Satish Kumar Y.A., ECE- 2012
9. “ Development of Risk prediction Tool for signal integrity” by amith Arun, ECE-2014
10. “Implementation of CDMA in wireless communications” by Gouridevi R. Haranal – ECE 2014

B. E.

11. “Designing an Omni-Antenna system for a Pico satellite” by Abdul Mujeeb, & Madhu HC TCE 2012
12. “Design and Development of S-band Transceiver for nano- satellites” by Amritha Janardhan, ECE, 2012.
13. “ Design of RF system for Ground Station” by Vinayak, Vishwas, & Vishal, ECE-2012
14. “ Telecommand system-FSK demodulator” by Vineetha, & Veena, TCE-2012
15. “Implementation of Turbo Encoder on FPGA board” by Anirudh Saksena, Riyaz Ur Rahman, & Rumia Tahzeen, TCE-2013
16. “Diversity combiner” by Shreyas R, Sindhoor G Bhagawat & Rohit D. TCE-2013
17. “Source Localozation using Acoustic Vector Sensors” by Jyotsna Jayaram, N L Soumya, & Megha Rathod, ECE 2013
18. “Radio Frequency (RF) Local Area Network (LAN) for Satellites using CDMA” by Avinash S Patil, Jayakumar AS, Praveen Kumar SR, & Rahul S, TCE-2013
19. “Environment Analysis Rover” by Kunal Bhatnagar, Nikhil Ambardar, & Kang Kun Yeul, ECE 2013
20. “Low Datarate BPSk Demodulation in presence of Doppler Effect” by Sachini Sailesh Shylendra T,Aghanash Karthik V, Ashwin R, TCE-2014
21. “Source localization using acoustic vector Sensors” by Jyothsna Jayaram, N L Soumya, Megha Rathod – ECE-2014
22. “FPGA implementation of Code Acquisition Loop CDMA” by Adharsh H C, Harsha R, – TCE – 2014

Project Supervisor: M Mahendra Nayak & Dayanand B M

23. “PISAT payload Integration” By Akshay Cadambi, Bharath Shankar G, Shyam Venugopalan
24. “Telecommmanding and Telemetry for PISAT” By Vinod M, Somaiah M L

Project supervisor : Dr. J. Manikandan

25. “On Board In loop simulation System for PISAT” By Anbarasan
26. “Implementation of BPSK demodulator on ground station for PISAT” By Vidyasagar L, Akshay B A

Project Supervisor: Divya Rao

27. “Three axis attitude determination & Control of a NANO satellite PISAT” By Rahil Ahmed