ISRO: The Indian Space Research Organization has evolved a programme through which financial support is provided for conducting research and development activities related to Space Science, Space Technology and Space Application to academia in India.

DRDO: nurtures talent in academic institutions, universities, R&D centres and industry. The organization provides necessary facilities for promoting basic research and to catalyse cross-fertilization of ideas for expanding and enriching the knowledge base in their respective areas. The boards provide grants-in-aid for collaborative defence-related futuristic frontline research having application in the new world class systems to be developed by DRDO.

ABB: The ABB Corporate Research Center works closely with other research centers, ABB businesses and universities in India. The center’s focus areas are manufacturing technologies, software technologies and communication technologies and protocols.

Naval Research Board (NRB): The organization is mandated to strengthen and deepen the knowledge base related to the naval environment. It institutes grants to nurture research talent and to create research facilities in for promoting basic research, design and development. The scheme is coordinated through specialist panels constituted for selected disciplines, namely, materials, hydrodynamics, sonar and signal behavior; ocean environment, and scientific computing. Eminent professors and researchers from leading institutions head these panels.