1. Satellite Mechanical systems: Structure-Design and Analysis, Thermal, and Deployment mechanisms
  2. Satellite Attitude control system: Attitude & Orbit Control, Sensors, and Actuators
  3. Satellite Communication system: Telemetry, Tracking & Command – RF & Digital,Data storage & transmission
  4. Satellite Antenna system: Omni, shaped beam, beam steering, contoured beams, multiple beams
  5. Satellite Control Centre / S-band ground station
  6. Satellite Power System: power generation, storage, and distribution
  7. Satellite mission & Flight Dynamics
  8. Satellite data/image processing


  • ESD lab and Clean Room for satellite integration and testing
  • Fully equipped satellite control facility for tracking and communicating to satellite for commanding and monitoring.
  • Lab is equipped with test and measurement equipments viz., Spectrum analyzer and Network analyzer up to 12.4 GHz, signal generator and spectrum analyzer up to 3 GHz, Oscilloscopes, Logicn analyzer, Protocol analyzer, Power supplies, Digital Millimeters, Precision soldering stations, coil winding machine.