1. PISAT, a nano student satellite ā€“PESU & consortium
PISAT, a student nano satellite, is planned to provide hands on experience to students on satellite technologies. The satellite is configured with a miniature COTS camera, designed and developed for imaging earth. Satellite program is initiated in PESU to create interest among students in the state of the art satellite technology, to create a platform for designing, developing and operating nano satellites, and to
experience on the satellite imagery analysis.

2. PES Satellite Control facility ā€“ PESU
Commanding, tracking, controlling, and reception of telemetry and payload data, achieved by a 3.7 meter paraboloid antenna with program tracking capability, has been designed and installed at PESU. The satellite control facility, equipped with total transmit and receive equipments along with antenna control system, is established for providing hands on experience to students to gain experience in mini ground station operations.

3. Development of algorithms for Space based AIS system ā€“ Funded by NRB
A satellite based AIS system is a way of obtaining the navigation information and the information for harbor report being exchanged between ships or between a ship and ground base stations periodically with a global coverage thus allowing the localization of ships worldwide. AIS satellite system faces the collision of messages coming from different vessels. Focus of the research is on the analysis & development of interference cancellation techniques to improve the detection probability thereby providing a means for global coverage of the maritime traffic monitoring.

4. Optimization and utilization of adaptive antenna for communication performance improvement in outdoor environment. ā€“ Funded by ABB.
Project is to develop suitable programs and simulation platforms to find an optimum antenna array configuration for transmitting and receiving data in outdoor industrial environment through wireless networks.