1. Application of Social Networking for Mobile Networking under AICTE IIPC scheme with the theme “Intelligent Social Systems and Big Data”

To analysis of data of social systems by modeling them as social networks. The expected outcome is better methods for detecting influential that have high influence over their network.

2. Feature Subset Selection using Rough Sets for High Dimensional Data

Feature Selection (FS) is applied to reduce the number of features in bioinformatic domain application where data has hundreds or thousands of features.

3. Data Mining Methodology for Discrimination Prevention using Ontologies

There are two aspects of novelty in the project, first being the rule mining technique that is based on ontologies and the second, concerning the generalization and transformation of the mined rules that are quantized as discriminatory, into non-discriminatory ones.

4. Early Detection of Diabetic Retinopathy

Image processing techniques like enhancement, clustering, filtering, segmentation are used to early detection of diabetic retinopathy using RET-Cam Retinal images and prevent the patient from going completely blind.

5. Color Image Steganography using LZW Compression

It is a novel technique for performing Image Steganography on color images using LZW compression algorithm and Fisher – Yates Shuffle algorithm.