1. Automating Product Review Rating with Feature-based classification using Sentiment Analysis

This project adopts a deep learning approach to automate the online review rating.

2. Evolutionary Approach and Spline Interpolation for Contrast Enhancement

In this project, Super Resolution based Convolution kernel in Lab colour space and Spine Interpolation are used to enhance the contrast enhancement of both colour and gray scale images.

3. Large Scale Hierarchical Text Classification

Implemented 5 algorithms namely Serial and Parallel K Nearest Neighbors (k-NN), Multinomial and Transform Weight Complement Naïve Bayes’, and Hierarchical Classification.

4. Intelligent Thumbnails Generation

This project aims to create a tool that will generate best possible thumbnails from the input video.

5. Medical Image Authentication through Watermarking using DWT and SVD

Proposed system transfers medical images securely by embedding watermark using DWT and SVD technique.

6. Comparative Study of Community Detection in Social Networks

Facebook network was analyzed to detect communities using Girvann- Newman, Chinese Whisper and Markov Clustering Algorithms.

7. Models for Diagnosis of Tuberculosis using a combination of Data Mining and Social Network Analysis techniques

The test data for the project was collected from local hospitals in Karnataka.

8. Study of Pharma Supply Chain using Social Networking Analysis

Here network model was constructed and both structural and flow properties of network were studied. The data was provided by a hospital chain with its own branded medicines.

9. Analysis of Social Network In Medical Domain

looks at the analysis of the distribution of medicines over various regions, their purchase and sales and devising strategies to effectively regulate the supply of medicines keeping into consideration the social network phenomena.