Dr. K N Seetharamu

Heat Transfer and Fluid Flow in Energy Systems, Thermal management of Electronic Equipments, Application of Finite Element Method in Heat Transfer

Dr. T R Seetharam

Numerical Heat Transfer, Heat Transfer in Super-Critical Fluids, Design, Analysis and Optimization & Thermal Systems

Dr. Amit M Thakur

Combustion, Heat transfer, Aero-Acoustics, HypersonicsMr. Jyothiprakash KH: Multi-Fluid Heat Exchangers

Mr. Jyothiprakash K H

Multi-Fluid Heat Exchangers

Mr. Rajendra Prasad

Cryogenic Heat Transfer

Mrs. Chaitra R C

Micro Fluidics

Mr. Ajay J Nayar

Jet and Spacecraft propulsion, Combustion, Scramjets, Bio-fuel engines, Thermodynamics

Mrs. Meghana Athadkar

Thermodynamics, Aerodynamics, Advanced fluid mechanics, Renewable energy systems

Mrs. Carine Viola Dsouza

Aeronautical Engineering, Aerodynamics, Aerospace propulsion